Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Message

"It is the duty of a Judge to finish the work of each day within that day."

Honourable Chief Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth

Registrar Peshawar High Court Message

"Ease of access to any justice system is indeed paramount to its efficacy. With this online official resource, litigants as well as stakeholders, both domestic and abroad, will have round the clock access to significant developments in their pending legal matters. With its added content for legal instruction and awareness, this resource will educate active and prospective litigants on their essential legal rights and remedies.This website will certainly add to the timely and wholesome dispensation of justice."

                                                                 KHAWAJA WAJIH UD DIN

District & Sessions Judge Message

"Injustice any where is a threat to Justice every where"

                                                                        (Martin Luther King JR)